Your Home Renovations: Dreams vs Priorities

It’s said that the difference between a Goal and a Wish is as simple as the act of writing it down. We’ve talked a lot about your Home Renovation Goals and how to prepare a road map to insure your home improvements are what you really want. Improvements that will truly make your home a better, more functional place to live and to also increase the value of your investment. Now that you’ve set some goals for your renovation project, it’s time to get real and get focused on how to accomplish what you really want. I think this part of your renovation planning is the most fun and can be the most exciting.

Creating your improvement Wish List involves writing down the specific features and benefits you would like to enjoy from your renovation. It’s important to brainstorm these desires but you also need think about how important each idea truly is and the value it will bring to your home and your lifestyle. Is this something you absolutely need? -or- is it something you simple want and it’s not really an essential if you can’t afford it?

This part of your planning process is all about digging into design and product ideas to learn as much as possible about what is available in he marketplace; how much it costs; and what value it can be to you. You’ve looked at magazines and searched for ideas online but now is the time for a field trip – get out there and see what other owners have done. Get some renovation advice from homeowners.  Visit stores like Home Depot, RONA and Lowes to discover new products and what styles are right for your family and home.

Here are some more ideas for your Home Improvement Field Trip:

  • Road Trip! Take a trip and visit your family, your friends and your neighbours. Ask questions and learn about what they really like about their home and special attention to changes they’ve recently made.
  • Picture it! Take those home magazines you’ve been browsing through, you may even want to visit your local news stand to pick up some more, now take out your scissors and start clipping pictures of homes and products that strike you as things you want in your home.
  • Get Nosey! Visit open houses for new home homes on the market and show homes. Gather intel on the latest in design, construction and finishes which are being incorporated into new homes.
  • Window Shop! Check out your local kitchen, bath and other home retail stores and showrooms. Pick the brains of the salespeople and be sure to pick up brochures and other manufacturers’ literature for the specific brands and models of products you like.
  • Go to the Show! In pretty much any community in North America there are home shows being held. This is a great opportunity to speak with Home Renovators, home designers and product manufacturers. You’ll see what’s new and you’ll learn about innovations that are coming soon. Be sure to check with the Home Builders’ Association in your area for more information about upcoming home shows.
  • Keep the information you collect in a file or box for later reference. This material will be very useful in discussions with renovators and will give them a good idea of what you like and want.

Use to write down your wish list and priority items.

To help you organize your Home Renovation Dreams and Priorities download this Planning Worksheet  from the CHBA (The Canadian Home Builders Association).

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