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A Brief History of this White Rock Home

This home was built in 1946 at 13925 Marine Drive in White Rock British Columbia. The house was purchased from Kristine Tyrell and her husband, well known architect, David Tyrell. The house was originally built by Cy & Lorraine Amos, who also owned and operated Amos Dry Goods Store in White Rock for over 30 years. Lorraine Amos, was well known locally as an actor with the White Rock Players Club. She died in 1992 and the Tyrell’s purchased and renovated the home.

Moving the House

This house was lifted from it’s foundation on the Marine Drive lot late at night to minimize disturbance and traffic. It then made it’s way thorough South Surrey until it was loaded on the barge next to the Elgin Bridge. As usual our moving contractor of choice, Nickel Bros, did their flawless professional job. Their team  orchestrated the movement of the house even making changes at intersections by  managing lights and even guiding power lines gently over the rook peak to inure the move went without incident.

The move began around midnight on November 28th and was at Point Roberts in just over 12 hours. Once loaded on the barge at Elgin Bridge it moved slowly down the Nicomekl River and past Stewart Farmhouse, around Blackie Spit and past Crescent Beach pier to Point Roberts. It then crossed to Vancouver Island landing at French Creek, between Parksville and Qualicum Beach.

Completing the Renovations

Once the home arrived in French Creek our first priority was creating a new foot print which would take complete advantage of the stunning views. To achieve our goal we raised the home twelve feet and reoriented the old structure by rotating it 30 degrees clockwise. This allowed us to create an addition of 1130 sq ft on the lower level. The new addition includes a floor plan with a recreation, media, and workout room; a new three piece bath; laundry room; a massive new bedroom with a walk-in closet plus a 500 sq ft two car garage.

On the main floor we added a large master bathroom and extended the old master bedroom. In total the home now boasts 2,900 sq. ft. of living area.

Home Recycling

This home renovation project demonstrates how effectively home recycling and home moving can be done to achieve a beautiful one of a kind living space with no sacrifices. The new owners moved from near Calgary Alberta and  took possession of their home in 2013. Owner, Joanne Giesbrecht has created a fantastic art studio for herself and intends to teach art classes. Her amazing artwork can be seen at Joanne’s husband has converted the garage into a beautiful wood working shop. This couple have benefited greatly by keeping an open mind with their new home and their a move to Parksville Qualicum area of Vancouver Island. We wish them many years of happiness in their new Paul Dabbs Custom Home.



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  1. Wow, the transportation is amazing. Through the pictures, you can really imagine how careful they were in removing the house from the house posts to the truck. I’m excited to read the continuation of the one of a kind house moving experience.

  2. First, I have to applaud the fact that you had to move this house from its existing foundation. I don’t know too many people who would have had the perseverance to do so. Secondly, I like this for the sole reason that you’re reusing an existing structure.

  3. Paul
    We stumbled across your website and are so excited and happy to see our family home of twenty years in such good hands. Please do post or send photos so that we can see how “she” sits when completed. Are you the owner as well?

    • Hello David!

      It’s so nice to hear from you. I’m really glad you ‘stumbled across’ my website and found your old family home. What a beautiful home! This was an interesting and complex project to do. We’ve taken the original charm of your old White Rock home and built upon that to expand the living space. We also raised the house, taking full advantage of the beautiful ocean views at French Creek in Parksville. The project is now complete and I would love to give you a tour through the home so you can see what we created. Please contact me when you are in the Parksville area.

      • Paul
        Great concept, the spirit of the original home remains and expansion looks seamless and balanced, nice work by all involved.
        Thanks for the invite, will do.
        Cheers and best wishes for a continued success in all your projects.

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