Parksville Renovation

When I first discovered this house in Parksville it was in pretty rough shape. But the potential for a complete home renovation was something I could see immediately. The building was located on a lovely treed lot creating a real ‘living in the country’ feel and yet it was a very short walk to a major Parksville Shopping Mall. The ‘bones’ of the building were sound but that was about it. We stripped the structure down to just that – it’s bones and rebuilt from there. In this slideshow you will see the end result of my vision. My only regret is that I didn’t take more photos of the old structure before I began. Day by day as I turned this building into a home I became more and more excited. So much so that I decided to move in. At first I was thinking this would just be our temporary residence but we enjoyed living in this area of Parksville so much and the conveniences I built into this house truly made it a home. We’re still here after five years!

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