Waterfront Home: Factors Considered by Parksville Custom Home Builders

It’s hard to indulge in negative thoughts when one is living by the beach, basking under the sun’s warm rays, breathing in fresh air, and enjoying the salty-sweet ocean breeze. Not convinced? An article from TheExaminer.com written by Benjamin Murken reports on a study published in the Health and Place journal correlating health and living near the coast:

Health Benifits

The study looked at more than 48 million people and accounted for several demographic factors. The main benefit difference was seen for those living within half of a mile from the shore, compared with those living more than 30 miles from the shore. Living in the coastal regions showed a general association for better health.

The link between location and health could be because living by the water reduces stress and can provide feelings of calmness and relaxation.

If you’re dream of living by the sea is ready to become a reality and you’re planning to work with an established Parksville custom home builder like Paul Dabbs Custom Homes in the construction of your waterfront dream house—be it along Nanoose Bay, Port Alberni, or Qualicum Beach—you’re in for a lot of benefits.

Other than a positive impact on your overall well-being, note that a well-designed waterfront house can make your “beach lifestyle” all the more pleasant and convenient. In fact, custom home builders in Parksville consider the following factors when designing and constructing a waterfront house for their clients:

Taking Advantage of the View
What use is a coastal property if you can’t enjoy the view, right? This is why builders often recommend that several spaces in the house be designed to make the most of the view. For instance, the home’s entryway can be set-up to grant a dramatic sight of the sea, usually with the aid of large picture windows or glass walls.

Ensuring a Stable and Long-Lasting Structure
Needless to say, a house within the city and a waterfront residence have different structural requirements. Builders of waterfront properties in Parksville take into account the archaeology of the area and new flood construction levels to ensure that their project will have a sturdy foundation and a strong structure. Preparing a home for the elements (i.e. weatherproofing) is likewise a primary consideration.

Allowing for Water Activities
A waterfront house needs to cater to the lifestyle of its householders. A dock extending from the shore may be constructed and serve as a holding place for watercraft, not to mention a place where you can sunbathe and swim. If you have kids, you could even request the builder to create a small cove for easy access to the water—but this is highly dependent on the shoreline.

(Source: Living near the beach has its health benefits, Examiner.com, July 21, 2012)

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